Victoria School district might drop all dress codes from all 47 schools

From CBC News:

Dress codes could soon become a thing of the past in Victoria-area schools.

Staff at the Greater Victoria School District are recommending that its 47 schools only be allowed to prohibit students from wearing anything that could be considered discriminatory under the B.C. Human Rights Code.

Anything else could not be limited in a school’s code of conduct.

“There won’t be anything specific about the length of shorts or the width of tank top straps. It’ll simply be about respecting diversity and inclusion,” trustee Jordan Watters told CBC News.

School dress codes have come under fire across North America in recent years for disproportionately restricting the clothing of female students in the name of keeping their male classmates focused on their studies.

Earlier this year, female students at Trafalgar Middle School in Nelson wore crop tops and short shorts in protest of what they described as unequal enforcement of the dress code.