Times Colonist publisher David Radler opposes seniors care home in Vancouver, says in letter that the area is better suited for wealthy executives’ homes

From The Province: 

(David) Radler is a former publisher of The Vancouver Sun and The Province. In 2005 he signed a plea agreement, filed in U.S. Federal Court in Chicago, admitting he defrauded shareholders of Hollinger International Inc., which owned and operated newspapers around the world. He was sentenced to 29 months in prison and fined US$250,000.

He is currently publisher of the Victoria Times Colonist in partnership with Glacier Media.

From the Province:

Vancouver newspaper executive David Radler opposes a bid to convert a historic Southwest Marine Drive mansion into a seniors care facility.

 The Care Group, in collaboration with the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority, has applied to the city for a rezoning amendment to transform the Casa Mia mansion at 1920 Southwest Marine Dr. into a 90-bed Community Care Facility for seniors.


“The city has suffered losses in head offices, often for reasons not under their control, but if you eliminate another potential area of executive housing, the city will pay the price in attracting a level of executive and corporate leadership that actually provides jobs and not just fills them,” wrote Radler.