Loud music is scaring the livestock in Central Saanich – man banned from playing car stereo

From the Times Colonist:

Dustin Hamilton is not allowed to play his car stereo in Central Saanich.

In fact, Hamilton is prohibited from driving his PT Cruiser at all in Central Saanich unless he’s taking his girlfriend to work and back.

Since May, Central Saanich police have received about 17 noise complaints from residents of West Saanich Road between Keating Cross Road and Wallace Drive.

“People are saying their pictures are rattling on the wall and coffee cups are falling off the table,” Cpl. Dan Cottingham said.

“They feel the vibrations through the floor of the house. The noise is scaring the livestock. Little kids wake up crying in the middle of the night because the stereo scares them. It’s certainly had an impact on the West Saanich corridor.

“It’s my understanding the entire back seat of his car is totally rigged up with stereo equipment. It’s quite something.”

Hamilton was given two warnings by police in May and June to turn the stereo down. Eventually, he was given a bylaw ticket and placed on a police undertaking not to play his car stereo.

He appeared before the court on Aug. 21 to vary the undertaking so he could take a special route in Central Saanich and still play his stereo.