BREAKING: hatching peacocks halts construction at Victoria condo site

From CHEK News:

There’s a new exotic family in town and they’re gaining a lot of attention.

A female peacock and her four newly-hatched peachicks have moved to 986 Heywood Ave., just across the street from BeaconHilll Park. 

But the problem is the place the peacock family has called home for the last six weeks, is a construction site set to become condos.

“We’d received approval from the city of Victoria about just over a month ago and about a day prior to demolition we find out from neighbours that the peahen had set up shop on the side of one of the building,” said Peter Jawl of Jawl Residential. 

The project’s original schedule would have both homes on the land gone by now but crews decided the tear down would be pushed back until after the chicks had hatched.