BC Ferry captain fights off grizzly bear, receives 30 stitches for wounds

From  CTV News:

A British Columbia’s man’s relaxing beachcombing trip turned into a harrowing fight for survival against a grizzly bear that flailed him around “like a puppet.”

Randal Warnock, 57, said he was walking on Brown Island on B.C.’s central coast for about 15 minutes Monday when a bear suddenly appeared.

“I heard a noise behind me, like a cracking sound out of the bush, and this bear was charging full bore out of the bush and was on me in a couple of seconds,” he said Friday.

The bruiser began biting at Warnock’s legs, shredding his jeans at the knees, then latching onto his right knee.

“I tried to grab my knife out of my back pocket to hit him in the head or something or fend him off but I dropped my knife because I was being shaken off balance,” Warnock said.

“I thought, ‘fight back, fight back.’ ”I just had to bluff him back and say ‘No, I’m going to put up a fight.’“

That’s when Warnock decided to punch the bear in the nose.

“He let go and stood back two feet, just looking at my legs. He seemed high on adrenalin. It was like a video on high speed, it was just so amazingly fast,” he said.